The History of

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs

September, 1984 - It was a hot day in the desert.  Outdoor Resorts of America was opening Phase 1 of its newest luxury RV resort.  131 lots were ready for occupancy and these sold rapidly to active adults who discovered this unique and very special location in the Coachella Valley.

Completion of the La Palma Clubhouse with its 4 tennis courts and the first 9 holes of what would eventually become 27 holes were completed in 1985, with Phase 2 following closely thereafter. 

Phases 3 and 4 followed in 1986 and in 1987 Phases 5 and 6 were completed along with 9 additional holes of golf.  Soon thereafter the El Saguaro Clubhouse with its 4 tennis courts was finished and the final 9 holes of golf were added.

At completion Outdoor Resort Palm Springs boasted the best FIVE-STAR amenities in the area with 1,213 prime RV spots, 27 holes of golf, 14 tennis courts, 6 satellites each with a pool, spa, laundry, and large showers.  Two large clubhouse complexes each have one large swimming pool (one is a lap pool), 2 spas, and generous shower facilities. 

La Palma Clubhouse hosts a first class fitness center, café, convenience store, mailroom, and seating for 450 persons at Sunday Chapel.  Myriad activities make this facility a focal point of the community.

El Saguaro Clubhouse hosts a private “Owners Lounge” as well as an espresso bar, beauty/barber shop, mail room, large commercial kitchen, activities offices and meeting/club rooms.  This facility, convenient to the Golf Starter Shack, hosts many resident dinners and social functions. 

In 1988 the resort was completed.  In 1994 Outdoor Resorts of America ceded governance and control of the property to the newly formed Outdoor Resort Palm Springs Owners Association. 

Today, Outdoor Resort Palm Springs maintains the high standards set by the original developer and continues as a FIVE-STAR RV Country Club and Resort; and a classic winter-destination and vacation choice for snowbirds and regional travelers alike.  Summers are also special at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs as European travelers discover the great American southwest and desert experience. 

In 1985 Ramon Road was two lanes, had little traffic, and one did their shopping at some distance away.  The location was considered to be “rural”.  Those early buyers have seen their investment grow and have witnessed remarkable growth in the resort, the neighboring communities, and the entire Coachella Valley.  About 60 of those original owners remain as part of the Outdoor Resort Palm Springs family; a testament to what makes this place so special for so many.